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History of PWUMC

Around 1888, Minister, John Wesley (not to be confused with the founder of Methodism) was asked by local townspeople and the Alabama Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South to come to the small sawmill community of Point Washington to teach Bible classes in the schoolhouse. At that time, Point Washington was a busy place with a working sawmill and port-to-port boat travel.


By 1890, after preaching in Point Washington several times, he moved to the area along with his eldest sons. The Rev. Mr. Wesley held services and founded the Point Washington United Methodist Church.


A young man named G.N. Winslett was sent, giving the church another service. Under Mr. Winslett's leadership, the church building was begun in 1893. The lumber was donated by the local sawmill and church members supplied the other materials for labor.


In 1896, the Rev. John Wesley was admitted to the Conference and served the church until his death in 1901. Four of his eight sons and grandsons became Methodist ministers. His eldest son, S.A. Wesley, was superintendent of the Point Washington Methodist Sunday School for forty years until his death in 1943. Another son, W.H. Wesley, built the home which is now Eden State Gardens. Descendants of the Wesley family are still in the congregation today. The original building still stands, although is has been modified over the years the church has grown.

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History of PWUMC
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